Lighting for Tree

Great for illuminating trees. We reproduced the brightness and the width of the light that reach far away.For example, illuminating a tree and casting a shadow on the wall, it is designed so that it can be used for a variety of applications, such as the technique of light that makes you feel like there's sunshine at night.

Starter Kit contents

Lighting for Tree・Controller・Extension Cord・Branch Connector

  • Lighting for Tree

    Size width 8.5 x depth 8.5 x height 25cm (approx.)
    Cord length 5m (approx.)
    Material ASA resin, PCTG resin, PC/ABS resin
    Light source LED bulb (warm white)
    Power consumption about 3W
    Waterproof IPX3
    Luminous flux 240lm
    Color temperature 2700K
  • Controller

    Size width 11.5 x depth 5 x height 11cm (approx.)
    Material Polycarbonate, Vinyl chloride resin
    Rated primary voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
    Rated secondary voltage DC12V 3A
    Maximum wattage 36W
    ※power consumption can be connected up to 24.5W
    Waterproof IPX3
  • Extention Cord

    Size 5m (approx.)
    Material Vinyl chloride resin
  • Branch Connector

    Size width 5.5 x depth 2 x height 6.5cm (approx.)
    材質 Vinyl chloride resin

Starter Kit wiring diagram


  • Lighting for Tree
  • Lighting for wall
  • Lighting for ground
  • Lighting for space
  • Controller
  • Extention Cord
  • Extention Cord 5m (approx.)
    Branch Connector
  • LED
  • Stand for Controller