Lighting for Wall

With the optimal brightness to illuminate the wall surface and the light that spreads widely, emphasizing the texture of the walls, making the house look stylish and giving a sense of brightness, it is a light that creates the the look of sunshine at night.

Starter Kit contents

Lighting for Wall・Controller・Extension Cord・Branch Connector

  • Lighting for Wall

    Size width 8.5 x depth 8.5 x height 24cm (approx.)
    Cord length 5m (approx.)
    Material ASA resin, PCTG resin, PC/ABS resin
    Light source LED bulb (warm white)
    Power consumption about 3W
    Waterproof IPX3
    Luminous flux 225lm
    Color temperature 2700K
  • Controller

    Size width 11.5 x depth 5 x height 11cm (approx.)
    Material Polycarbonate, Vinyl chloride resin
    Rated primary voltage AC100V 50/60Hz
    Rated secondary voltage DC12V 3A
    Maximum wattage 36W
    ※power consumption can be connected up to 24.5W
    Waterproof IPX3
  • Extention Cord

    Size 5m (approx.)
    Material Vinyl chloride resin
  • Branch Connector

    Size width 5.5 x depth 2 x height 6.5cm (approx.)
    Material Vinyl chloride resin

Starter Kit wiring diagram


  • Lighting for Tree
  • Lighting for wall
  • Lighting for ground
  • Lighting for space
  • Controller
  • Extention Cord
  • Extention Cord 5m (approx.)
    Branch Connector
  • LED
  • Stand for Controller