With Hikarenovation
Create a home & garden that you are proud of.

Installing lighting into a pitch dark garden has many positive outcomes:
It is highly effective in all aspects such as aesthetic, functionality, safety and security.
Hikarenovation lights up automatically when it gets dark and turns off with a timer.

Family DIY!

Professinal garden lighting now
available for DIY!

3 reasons to use Hikarenovation

  • Brightness of about 200lm (lumens), which professionals use in their projects. The best light for each application.

  • Wiring is connector type, and light installation is spike type, so no tools are required and it is easy.

  • If you use the techniques used by garden lighting professionals, you can create a completely different look in you garden.


Using LED bulbs has many advantages

  • Lighting method with lowelectricity cost and long life

    LED with long life and low power consumption.

  • A light that insects aren't fullyattracted to.

    Since LEDs have a wavelength of light that is difficult for insects to recognise, insects aren't usually attracted.

  • Plant friendly light

    LED bulbs generate low heat and ultraviolet rays, so it's friendly to plants